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Aresys, Inc

Dedicated to providing our clients with the finest quality surfacing materials for more than 20 years.

Get Green

How do you reconcile the high cost of environmentally-friendly materials with ever-tightening budget constraints?

Aresys, Inc. - Treefrog VeneerThe answer: Aresys Get Green products. Our Get Green line of surfacing materials provides environmentally-friendly, competitively-priced and functional solution to your clients' surfacing needs. Get Green products provide eco-friendly beauty that lasts - they will perform better than conventional materials over time, requiring less maintenance and down-time for rehab and saving your clients thousands of dollars over the long term.

Take, for example, our ALMUTE acoustical panels. Post-industrial recycled aluminum waste granules, which once accumulated in land fills, now come back to life as high-performance sound-absorbent panels, ideal for use as wall cladding, ceiling panels and even in exterior conditions where sound reflection is an issue.

Smoke, flame and toxicity are non-issues, as are moisture absorption and mold/mildew conditions, making this the ideal solution for food prep areas, schools, hospitals, aquatic arenas, vessels, aircraft and commercial projects of all sorts. We've even used it for its original purpose - high value sound absorption in radio stations, concert halls and opera houses. What a value for your client's money. And that's just the beginning - take a look and let us know what you think … there's loads of other examples of what we mean when we say "Aresys gets you green".

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New Products

At Aresys, we are always on the prowl for new products. We know that you need a vast array of new materials to offer to your clients … after all, if your client can find what you just specified on their project down at the local Home Improvement Warehouse, what do they need you for?

Aresys, Inc. - EcoweaveLet us help you to sort though all the confusion and simplify the process of finding the best of the best for your clients. We've spent most of the last three decades doing just that, and it's resulted in a vast, worldwide network of sources that are professional, well financed and excited about the prospect of doing business with you.

Just take a look at our ECOWEAVE products as an example of what we mean. This panel is created from the fruit of the tree, not the tree itself. Beautiful, natural panels made without sacrificing the trees themselves… wow!

The textures are durable, and as you can see from the selections offered, the visual effect is nothing short of stunning. It can be painted, coated in METANODE, or left natural. Use it as an insert material in furniture, fixtures, bar-faces, on kitchen backsplashes, wall panels, ceilings … anywhere you want a unique, textured effect as a design detail. So impact resistant, you can apply it in the heaviest traffic areas with no problems at all.

Value for your money. Not just a pretty face, but figures that work out wonderfully as well. Check out our new products whenever you get a chance … we try to add something exciting as often as possible.

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Current Projects

Aresys, Inc. - VeritasOur fabrication team, called ADEM, uses ARESYS products and adds value to these materials, fabricating them to your specifications and installing them, when required, in order to make your life just a little bit easier. Our team provides turn-key projects that combine fine workmanship with all the flair of the beautiful and exotic materials we offer.

Over time, we've found that the skills required to successfully complete these projects are hard to come by. We've made a concerted effort during the past decade to focus on digitizing our drafting processes, developing an engineering network, utilizing CNC equipment for carving, perforating and cutting, as well as investing significant sums in mold-making, thermoforming and coating so as to provide you with the highest quality, most efficient and cost effective method of bringing your projects to life, in a time-frame that will make both you and your client smile. Our in-house team handles everything from design, to engineering to manufacturing and finally, where required, to installation, making you look like the genius you probably are … after all, you did hire Aresys for your last project, didn't you? If not, just click here to see what you missed.

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