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SURFACE: RESIN-ART (Veritas-3form-Lumicore)

Resin-art materials are an amazing 21st Century surfacing solution. Aresys fabricates using Veritas resin-art panels as well as 3form and Lumicor resin-art products.

Produced using PETG chemistry, these clear impact-resistant panels are laminated using Eastman Kodak technology. Imbedded materials such as fabrics, digital prints, organic materials and botanicals are used to create some of the most stunning decorative cladding ever imagined.

Varying levels of diffusion and translucency allow natural light or artificial illumination to be employed as a condition of design. The thermoforming capability of Resin-art panels further allows for the ultimate freedom in terms of design when using Resin Art panels as surfacing elements in your creations.

Applications include wall coverings, diffuser panels for ceilings, door elements, partition panels, furniture cladding—even outdoor applications for use in signage, canopy and exterior cladding. Ideal usages have included feature walls and bar cladding. Further, having the highest Class-A fire-rating in specific configurations, allows them to be used in virtually all commercial applications as well.

Resin-art panels are composed in part by post-industrial waste materials, so the product is extremely Eco-Friendly. Available in a wide range of thicknesses and finishes, based on application, and each is completely customizable to your application.

Liberate your designs today by using Resin-art panels in your next project! Contact us for more details.