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Project Description

At the Brightline corporate office project, a feature-wall of ziggurat design using alternating 3form ResinArt colors, 12 sections of 12 ft. high x 12 in. wide were applied using custom graphics on both faces, as required.

Additional Project Details:

Project Title: Brightline Corporate office, Miami, Florida.
Materials: 3form Ziggurate Featurewall- Blue/White ¼” Varia laminated @ 90 degrees, with custom graphics attached; glued to clear acrylic hidden substructure.
Attachment: Wall-hung with z-clip fasteners to acrylic substructure, substructure to drywall.
Dimensions: (12) 12” x 12” segments @ 12’ height; individual components.
Specifier: HKS- Miami, Fl.