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Aresys, Inc. Warrantee

In accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, Architectural Resource Systems, Inc. (DBA / Aresys, Inc.) does hereby warrantee all products and labor for a period of 1 year from the date of manufacture.

Any failures due to workmanship and/or installation shall be replaced by Aresys, Inc. at no charge to the owner or their agents.

Any failures due to raw material components used in construction of the finished product provided by Aresys, Inc. shall carry the warrantee of the manufacturer of those items.  In some cases, these warrantees shall exceed those which Aresys, Inc. provides.  In such cases, these raw material warrantees will supersede that which Aresys, Inc. provides, notwithstanding labor and installation involved in replacement of the finished product, which the raw material supplier shall be responsible for.

The Aresys, Inc. warrantee does not cover any instances of abuse, maliciousness, or unauthorized use of the products outside of the scope of use intended for the products at the time Aresys, Inc. was contracted to design and build the products delivered.

This document provides for the full and final warrantee on all goods and services provided by Aresys, Inc., and any additional warrantees extended beyond the 1 year scope of this document must be provided in writing and be agreed upon by the Officers of Aresys, Inc.

 Frank Bandy / President, Aresys, Inc.