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About Aresys, Inc.

We are a privately held corporation celebrating 3 decades in business, specialized in supplying the highest quality materials to the architectural, design, engineering and interior communities locally, nationally and even world-wide.

We do this in two arenas-


We offer a wide array of products ranging from Resin Art panels to CALMe acoustical panels and from Sahara Screen custom perforated panels to Contours 3-D carved elements, many of which are finished in our METANODE dimensional metallic coating process. A wide array of these materials are Eco-Friendly products as well.


Three decades of evolution have brought us to expand our offerings well beyond the SURFACE materials themselves, and we now provide turn-key SOLUTIONS involving engineering, complete custom fabrication and even installation.

We continue to draw on the practical knowledge involved in developing hundreds of SOLUTIONS for our many clients, and our expertise in the disciplines of digital machining, metal working, thermoforming, mold-making, casting and metalized coatings continue to provide our clients with a one-stop shop for all their design needs, both interior and exterior.