Color-changing Illuminated Columns – La Tour

Color-changing Illuminated Columns – La Tour 2020-07-10T11:38:37+00:00

Project Description

This posh condominium in Miami Beach concluded a year-long facelift project by adding a water-effect column to its circular concierge station drive-up entrance.

Aresys turned this designer’s inspiration into a stunning 14’ tall illuminated effect.

By combining a series of hidden LED color-kinetic light sources with a cluster of clear acrylic bubble rods, the owners are able to vary coloration to celebrate seasons and festive events throughout the year.

Each cluster of acrylic bubble rods was precisely machined to fit within mated clear acrylic tubes, with each tube hand-fitted into a custom fabricated, welded and machined aluminum sub-structure.

The exterior cladding covering the upper and lower segments removes for complete access and is finished in METANODE satin aluminum.

Project Details